Pharmaceutical Cost Savings, Right at Your Fingertips

Discover what our industry-leading pharmacy rebates and guaranteed savings on medications can do for your hospital or healthcare facility.

Better Healthcare Starts with Cost-Effective Medication

As a pharmacy rebate provider, our primary purpose is to ensure that our partners maximize the value of their medication purchases through rebates. The benefits that arise from that are widespread and significant.

Enhanced End-to-End Experiences

By providing hospitals, care centers, and other healthcare facilities with high-value pharmaceutical rebates, we make it easier for systems to focus on what’s really important: delivering the highest standard of care possible.

Improved Patient Outcomes

At the end of the day, the primary healthcare objective is keeping patients healthy. Access to cost-effective medication allows you and your team to prescribe the leading solution in every scenario regardless of price.

Long-Term Financial Stability

Your internal team might not have the time, expertise, or experience required to ensure you get the best value on pharmaceutical drugs, but ours does. Unlock long-term savings with industry-leading drug prices today.

How Pharmacy Rebates Work:

Our team of data scientists, Pharmacists, and other industry experts, use cutting-edge technology to identify the differences between the drug rebates offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers and the prices you are currently paying for medication.

Typically, adding a new revenue stream to your hospital would require an investment in new equipment or significant modifications to current operations. With pharmacy rebates, that’s not the case. Our pricing specialists work entirely independently from your team to find areas where you are eligible for valuable pharmacy rebates. After identifying a viable rebate opportunity, we file the administration data on your behalf. Your existing supplier relationships and procurement strategies remain intact – the only thing that changes is how much you pay for drugs.

The results are unique to each facility, but most clients see significant offset to their pharmaceutical spend. The best part? There’s no upfront investment required.

Changing the Face of Healthcare, One Rebate at a Time

By helping hospitals and other healthcare providers recoup portions of their pharmaceutical spending, we enable a more cost-effective, patient-centric, and outcome-driven approach that sustainably improves the quality of care.

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