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Vitalyze is revolutionizing health and wellness on a global scale for individuals, clinician and our partners.

We bring all things wellness into one easy ultra-personalized platform. The power of the VitalyzeEngine is realized through the combination of thousands of elements and the most sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics.

  • Genetics
  • Biomarker Results
  • Medical History
  • Self-Reported Data
  • Wearable Data
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Holistic and Functional Medicine
  • Data Analytics and Algorthyms

Developed by the World’s Most Credentialed Health and Wellness Experts

Vitalyze combines the collective experience of renowned health professionals who have trained, worked, and held leadership positions at some of the world’s most respected organizations including Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the White House. Now, our team of experts has come together to promote individual health prevention and wellness. The VitalyzeEngine unlocks resources previously unavailable to most and gives each individual power to actively participate in their innate ability to heal and be well.

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