At Vitalyze, we bring together the latest clinical technologies and innovations to deliver true Value-Based Healthcare. Our cutting-edge technology is equipped to help accelerate medicine that truly works. Vitalyze seeks to revolutionize health and wellness globally for individuals, clinicians, and partners. See how our expertise and technology can go to work for you.

Accelerating Value-Based Healthcare

Enhancing Patient Experience

Improving Cost Effectiveness

Optimizing Population Outcomes

Supporting Experience

Current Solutions

Pharmacy Rebate Program

The Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program enables clients to generate the required revenues to implement true Value-Based Healthcare. Our program connects acute care facilities with an innovative repricing platform that easily identifies alternate revenue streams within institutional pharmacies.

Value-Based Consulting

At Vitalyze, we seek to not only help facilities transition to Value- Based Care, but offer an integrated approach to flourishing under the new Value-Based Environment. Our team of experts understands this beyond a theoretical standpoint and has developed a step-by-step implementation process.