Why Vitalyze

By Vadmin

Joining Vitalyze Inc. was an exciting and meaningful next step in my career. I enjoyed practicing at Mayo Clinic for over 20 years working as both a Family Practice physician and as a specialist in Headache Medicine. Through these roles I had the chance to help thousands of people individually and to get to know them and their families over many years.  I enjoyed teaching and developing curriculum at Mayo Medical School and also had the chance to do clinical research and publish papers in major medical journals.

In addition to my clinical and teaching duties I also had the opportunity to reach millions of people as the Medical Editor of Mayo Clinic Health Letter. The editorial team at the Mayo Clinic Health Letter was top notch and honed my skills in assimilating and distilling information about developments in medicine to every audience. The primary focus was Traditional Western Medicine but over time I was also able to bring in some information about diverse fields in alternative medicine including integrative medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM]. I am a lifelong learner in many arenas. In medicine I am certified and boarded in 6 different specialties. My interest in being at the leading edge has led me to study many different fields in Integrative Medicine including acupuncture, hypnosis, biofeedback, Feldenkrais work, and several other types of Mind-Body work.

One of my areas of primary focus outside of Western Medicine has been the study of Qigong and Taiji [T’ai Chi].  In addition to the balance of movement and stillness these practices blend several very effective forms of meditation and form practice. Learning about the interface of Eastern Wisdom and traditions with Western science has been fascinating.  From the vantage of an open mind East and West both learn and understand things that the other already had grasped through different ways of knowing. Taiji and Qigong bring me expanded ways of looking at the world as well as a more balanced and healthy life. They teach ways to stay grounded and centered in the midst of chaos and stressful environments. In recovering from a serious neck injury a number of years ago I found that Integrative Medicine disciplines could be of more value for certain issues than Traditional Western Medicine. I had some understanding of this on an intellectual level but not really on a personal level. By doing mind-body work over an extended period of time my perspective broadened.

I found that many of the fields within alternative medicine have extensive experience in treating the whole person. They often get results with fewer side effects than medication or procedures while honoring the body’s ability to heal itself. A holistic medicine approach respects the patient’s preferences and personal philosophy by taking the time to understand them in depth and offer choices that fit with that person’s needs. This experience led me to formally study many different areas in Integrative Medicine and to seek further understanding of the diverse fields that comprise Integrative and Holistic Medicine. I brought healing practices from many disciplines into both my Family Medicine and Headache practices and have lectured nationally on Integrative Medicine approaches to headache.

While I have maintained a strong foundation in Traditional Western Medicine teaching Board Review Courses in Family Medicine for many years I also went on to get certifications in other areas including Board Certification in Integrative Holistic Medicine [ABIHM], Integrative Medicine [ABOIM], and to become a certified practitioner of Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine [IFM].

At VitalyzeInc. we are building the world’s most sophisticated health risk assessment engine. By combining detailed medical history with standard labs, advanced biomarkers, and genetic testing we are able to predict the risk of a broad array of medical problems.  While a number of different approaches can give you various facets of your health risks the VitalyzeInc. approach is both more comprehensive and more effective. Once we have defined risks we apply a layered approach to provide a broad range of potential preventive, integrative, and functional medicine strategies for consideration.  The breadth of combining Traditional Western diagnostics along with both traditional and leading edge solutions is what sets VitalyzeInc. on a different plane and makes it eminently more valuable in providing truly personalized medicine solutions. We are passionate about putting the power to achieve outstanding health back in the hands of the individual. Knowledge is power. And personal knowledge is personal power.

We shift the balance of power back to the individual by giving them access to the latest and best technology and information that defines the leading edge of the new personalized medicine. With this new power everyone can implement the solutions that fit best in their circumstance. There truly is something for everyone at VitalyzeInc.