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I love taking care of patients and strongly believe in empowering people to take charge of their own lives. I also love to teach and believe we can all continue to grow over time in many ways.

For the past 20 years I have worked at Mayo Clinic as a Family Physician and taught at Mayo Medical School mentoring many future doctors and serving as one of the Deans. As a Family Doctor it has been a privilege to care for multigenerational families, deliver babies, watch them grow up and then care for their children. It is hard and rewarding work to be there for people in their times of need as well as in their times of joy. As a woman I can relate to the many demands of working women and busy Moms. Women often take on the role of health care manager for the whole family and working closely with them to get the best results for everyone has been a large part of my career. It is true that in the process that many women put their own needs and priorities last while they are juggling and managing everyone else’s concerns including those of aging parents.

Families however intact or splintered are still the fundamental network of care and love for most people. Working to support women, men, children, and extended family networks continues to be one of my top priorities. At different stages in their lives both women and men have different needs. It is important for each individual to understand and explore these as they evolve over time. In my practice I find that many patients are seeking a more holistic health experience that values them as whole people.  Many of my patients came to me with questions about medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and weight loss. Others were seeking broader knowledge to help them be in control of their own health. They wanted information they could use about alternative medicine, vitamins, supplements and healthy diet in addition to standard medical treatment.

Many people are seeking higher levels of health and fitness not just routine care. This led me to want to learn and study alternative medicine and Integrative medicine so I could provide the deeper, richer and more holistic approach they were seeking.  I did Andrew Weil’s fellowship in Integrative Medicine and subsequently became Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. In the fellowship we studied many different approaches to health including Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda among others. I also took training and certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine and in menopause care through NAMS, the North American Menopause Society. This training gave me respect and understanding for the broad spectrum of healing approaches that different individuals and societies have found to be of value over time. Working at Vitalyze as the Chief Clinical Officer allows me to help individuals and families across the world to gain access to the latest medical developments.

My Integrative and Functional Medicine training provides a framework that allows me to develop material that helps individuals to weave this knowledge into the fabric of their lives in ways that suit their own needs.  Whether they are looking for help with a specific problem like weight loss or if they are seeking more resilience and improved health and fitness we can tailor information to their needs. This is all possible because of the sophistication of the highly intelligent Health Risk Assessment Engine we have built at Vitalyze Inc. It uses history, bioinformatics, blood markers and genetics to provide highly personalized and actionable information to improve health and wellbeing. Every decision we make as doctors is about risk and benefit.  Each action we take to gain a benefit has some risk associated with it. By defining the details of a person’s health in a sophisticated and detailed manner we can help them to optimize the benefit and minimize the risk.

People are reaching for empowerment to take charge of their own health. The VitalyzeEngine helps define the risks and gives them a detailed and actionable blend of health improving options to fit their goals and priorities. Providing tools to help each person and each family to achieve their goals and be as healthy as possible is uplifting.  Each day is a gift and the better we feel and function the more we can appreciate that gift and work to make our lives and the lives of our families and those around us richer and more fulfilling. As the Chief Clinical Officer at Vitalyze. I have the chance every day to make that more likely for people across the globe.


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