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Vitalyze integrates eight elements to provide a comprehensive and complete picture of your health and wellness – your Vscore.


star-conversionStep 1– Complete a survey

The process begins with you completing a survey of your current habits, environment, and medical history. The system will provide you a preliminary score along with areas where you could benefit from further investigation and discussion.

star-conversionStep 2 – Schedule blood and genetics testing

By visiting with your own medical professional or one of our VitalyzeCare medical professionals you can complete your personalized score by having your blood and genetics testing done. Your profile can be even further enhanced by easily linking your wearable device data via the vscore portal.

star-conversionStep 3 – Get your Vscore

The final automatic step in the process is for the VitalyzeEngine to process all of your personal data against the comprehensive medical database, which includes best medical practices. The Engine applies our proprietary algorithms to create your vscore. Your complete picture of your health and wellness will be at your fingertips.


“The vscore was like an inside peek into my genetics. Now I feel like I understand my health better. My favorite part was the health tips because they provided me an easy to follow healthy diet and suggested supplements and vitamins to assist in my weight loss journey.”

L.J. Mesa, AZ

Get YOUR health and wellness score now!

Start by simply answering a series of questions about your current medical state and previous medical history. Instantly get your preliminary vscore with possible paths to improve your score.  Add your wearable or personal health app data to expand the depth and breadth of your score.  Want the complete value and power of the vscore?

More vitalyZe solutions

The Vitalyze Engine is an innovative next generation solution using predictive analytics focusing on health prevention and wellness. We take a data-driven approach which includes thousands of elements and incorporates the best practices from Traditional, Functional and Integrative medicine to deliver actionable insights in seconds.

VitalyzeCare is our primary care physician network – the best technology solutions and the best clinical care. Our physicians are Mayo Clinic trained and have provided care to tens-of-thousands of individuals over the past 20 years.We are dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum potential.

Join the wellness movement

You’ll receive personalized risk assessments and predictions; actionable data and guides; testing for blood and genetics; access to world class content about what to do; and stay connected to a medical provider for your continued health and wellness.

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