VitalyzeCare is a premiere network of physicians who have implemented the Vitalyze Engine as part of their practice. VitalyzeCare clinicians are able to deliver world-class highly personalized care previously only available through costly “concierge” medical practices.

VitalyzeCare services include in-home at your convenience Annual Wellness Checks (AWC) powered by the VitalyzeEngine. When medically necessary it includes complete genetic and biomarker testing to give you and the clinicians a complete picture of your health and wellness, along with pathways to improve both.

We are beginning our Nationwide roll-out in Arizona. If you are over the age of 65, our service is sponsored by Medicare with zero or very low out of pocket costs. If you are younger than 65, all major insurance programs are also accepted.

How it works

star-conversionStep 1 – Schedule in-home visit

The process begins with you scheduling an in-home visit with one of our VitalyzeCare professionals. You can also choose to begin the survey of your current habits, environment, and medical history or wait to complete the survey with your clinician during your visit.

star-conversionStep 2 – Medical professional completes testing in-home

One of our VitalyzeCare medical professionals will visit you in the comfort of your home (or office) to complete your wellness checkup. They will also complete any medically necessary testing based on the results of your initial wellness checkup. This visit is focused on providing you with the start of your personalized plan of preventative care.

star-conversionStep 3 – Get your Vscore

The VitalyzeEngine automatically processes all of your personal data against the comprehensive medical database, which includes best medical practices from Traditional, Holistic, and Functional medicine. The engine applies our proprietary algorithms to create your Vscore and suggested pathways for potential improvement.

star-conversionStep 4– Schedule a follow-up wellness visit

Finally, once all your biomarker and genetic testing results are available, you will be able to schedule a follow up wellness visit with our VitalyzeCare professionals, who will help you interpret your test results as well as review your personal and actionable wellness plan to continue improving your Vscore and health. Your complete picture of your health and wellness will be at your fingertips.


“My clinician provided me with a holistic approach to my struggles with high blood pressure. She was understanding of my personal health and fitness goals and together we created a plan that fits my lifestyle–she was great!”

K.R Phoenix, AZ

More vitalyZe solutions

Vitalyze gives an entire view of the individual and within minutes provides a complete visualization score called Vscore. It provides intelligent, easy to understand, actionable insight to the individual.

The Vitalyze Engine is an innovative next generation solution using predictive analytics focusing on health prevention and wellness. We take a data-driven approach which includes thousands of elements and incorporates the best practices from Traditional, Functional and Integrative medicine to deliver actionable insights in seconds.

Join the wellness movement

You’ll receive personalized risk assessments and predictions; actionable data and guides; testing for blood and genetics; access to world class content about what to do; and stay connected to a medical provider for your continued health and wellness.

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