Value-Based Consulting

A Practical Approach to Value-Based Healthcare

At Vitalyze, we seek to not only help facilities transition to Value-Based Care but offer an integrated approach to flourishing under the new Value-Based Environment. Our team of experts understands this beyond a theoretical standpoint and has developed a step-by-step implementation process that is manageable, intentional, and paced to succeed. Our methodology is outlined in six practical steps.

STEP 1 – Generate Revenue or Create Savings

Providing upfront value is an important first step to implement true Value-Based Healthcare. Transformation requires extensive resources that are commonly lacking in Value-Based Transformation Initiatives. Vitalyze has programs that create true bottom-line impact. The Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate program was developed to recapture alternate revenue streams within institutional pharmacies.


STEP 2 – Value-Based Technologies

Developing a strong foundation for Value-Based Care should include implementing cutting-edge technologies. Novel medical devices, new pharmaceutical treatment protocols, population screening products, implants and biologics that have been proven to deliver generalizable outcomes across a population, reliable conclusions regarding cost-effectiveness, as well as be an engaging process for both patients and providers alike.


STEP 3 – Data Collection

Data Collection is essential in the new world of Value-Based Care. Patient-reported outcomes are valuable in that they can translate through health-economic modeling to demonstrate cost metrics. Vitalyze can advise and implement meaningful data collection as essential in making claims of healthcare value.


STEP 4 – Enhance Care Delivery

As basic programs are implemented and data collected is structured, Vitalyze has specialized programs and partners to enhance care coordination by utilizing the latest in Value-Based Care Delivery. From risk adjustment to population health to health-coaching and behavioral medicine, Vitalyze can assist in implementing these vital and practical staples of achieving proper Value-Based outcomes in a population.


STEP 5 – Integrated Delivery Network

Achieving true Value-Based Care at the population level requires the engagement of all care delivery stakeholders. Vitalyze can provide strategic integration services with internal or external partners who have implemented the fundamentals of achieving Value-Based outcomes. Key segments include medical or allied health care delivery, laboratory, pharmacy services, ambulatory surgery, population health, and many others. Using a targeted care episode approach, stakeholders can be aligned to deliver and take advantage of Value-Based benefits.


STEP 6 – Value Based Repositioning

Once Episodic Value-Based Outcomes have been conclusively established and demonstrated, Vitalyze can help its clients work to achieve true Value-Based Repositioning. Clients can now reposition themselves with Plan Sponsors, Payors, and other stakeholders to achieve superior Value-Based Pricing and other arrangements, allowing them to be leaders in the new world of Value-Based Healthcare.


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