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Vitalyze delivers healthier living to individuals around the world through our solution offerings and our partnerships with clinicians. We provide a complete health assessment focused on prevention and wellness. Our solutions are optimized to assist in early diagnosis, potential treatment options, and prevention of diabetes, inability to lose weight, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, arthritis, visual challenges, memory difficulties and up to 50 of the most common ailments. Our solutions provide highly engaging and actionable information to empower individuals to improve their health and wellness. The Vitalyze Vscore is available instantly and provides a representation of your health and wellness based on your past medical history and current health related behaviors. You can enhance your Vscore by signing up with a VitalyzeCare network practitioner to add results of a complete biologic blood panel and the results of your genetic testing profile. All Vitalyze solutions are powered by the VitalyzeEngine, a state-of-the-art data, and predictive analytics platform. The platform includes a medical database based on the best practices of Traditional, Functional, and Integrative medicine.

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Explore each of our solutions: Vitalyze Engine|Vitalyze Vscore|Vitalyze Care

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Join the wellness movement

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You’ll receive personalized risk assessments and predictions; actionable data and guides; biomarker and genetic profiling; access to world class content about what to do; and stay connected to a medical provider for your continued health and wellness.

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