Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program

The Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program enables clients to generate the required revenues to implement true Value-Based Healthcare. Our program connects acute care facilities with an innovative repricing platform that easily identifies alternate revenue streams within institutional pharmacies. Vitalyze has partnered with the industry’s leading PBMs for access to eligible manufacturer rebates. Rebates are available for a wide range of retail, specialty, outpatient, and inpatient medications.


Types of Clients

Inpatient Hospital Setting

Rehab Facilities

Infusion Centers

Surgical Centers

Long-Term Care

Correctional Health

Rebate Platform FAQs: No PHI Required

Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program

Formulary Access Rebates are available for a wide range of brand and specialty medications.

Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program

No upfront investment.  Results vary by each individual facility.

Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program

The Vitalyze database connects with thousands of NDCs through rebate aggregators.

Vitalyze Pharmacy Rebate Program

Our platform compliantly and securely extracts and prepares your data.

What Qualifies You?

If you qualify as an eligible site, our platform will analyze your drug utilization data and compare it with our extensive database of rebatable drugs.

Outpatient Pharmacy and 340B prescriptions do not qualify for formulary rebates.



Eligible sites can access BOTH GPO Buy-Side Rebates and PBM Formulary Rebate