For Partners




Vitalyze is focused on Empowering Healthier Lives all over the world. Through our partners, we are able to reach populations across the globe looking to improve wellness through a focus on prevention. Our partners typically fall into three categories: A) Those looking to impact a group or a given population’s health and wellness such as Payors, Government entities, health systems, or self-insured employers; B) Organizations looking for additional products or services to offer their customers, prospects, members, or individuals in their groups; C) Companies looking to reach the Vitalyze network of physicians and consumers to offer their health and wellness products and services.

Population Management

If you and your organization have a passion or responsibility for helping create the health and wellness for a group of people and trying to prevent or reduce the prevalence of disease – Vitalyze can help. We work with payors, government entities, health systems and self-insured employers across the globe empowering them to ensure the populations they manage can achieve their optimal health. Our partners can benefit by making their populations healthier, reducing their long-term cost of care, generating revenue by engaging consumers in their quest for a personalized approach to improving their health and wellness.


We are actively looking for partners and affiliates who can help us provide Vitalyze to people who are interested in improving their health and wellness. Example partners might include health insurance brokers, community association managers, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, churches, temples, synagogues, and other community organizations. As well, we are looking for companies who already have a relationship with large groups of consumers who might be interested or could benefit from highly engaging and actionable health and wellness solutions. Our initial affiliate launch is in Arizona, United States and we will be quickly expanding our offerings across the United States.

We’d love to hear from anyone who has a relationship with groups of individuals. Our first consumer offering is focused on individuals 65+ where they are able to receive a complete annual physical powered by the Vitalyze Engine and including complete biomarker and genetic testing (when medically necessary) and are offered at no or very low cost to the individual.

Compensation is available to Partners who help us find and sign-up groups of individuals.


Vitalyze had built an extensive network of high value partners and suppliers all of which are focused on helping us deliver the world’s preeminent solution for health, wellness and prevention. We have partners are all levels of our business including technology, health information, clinical services, as well as products focused on delivering our mission of empowering healthier living. If you have a product or service you think can help us achieve our mission please let us know.

“My residents have been struggling with multiple ailments and inflamed systems with no guidance on how to feel better. Vitalyze’s risk assessment and personalized health plan  gave them insights into their health. The clinicians were also trained in both traditional and functional medicine so we knew we were getting the most holistic approach to their health!”

S.R., Arizona independent Living Center Director