For Clinicians

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To streamline the interactions between doctors, patients, and other providers in the health and wellness ecosystem, allowing them to do everything wellness-related in one easy-to-use and engaging platform.

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The Vitalyze platform is a next generation predictive analytics engine empowering healthcare professionals with quick and easy to understand information to provide personalized health and wellness care for their patients. The Engine analyzes the most recent research from Holistic, Functional, and Traditional medicine with the patient’s individual genetic and biometric profile to deliver results. This allows the delivery of utmost personalized care in seconds, instead of weeks, days or even hours.

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Clinicians benefit in two key ways. One, they are able to more efficiently and effectively understand the unique needs of each patient and quickly build highly personalized prevention pathways. Second, Vitalyze has streamlined the process of ordering and receiving results from patient blood and genetic testing so that you can provide your patients the best of care without extra hassle.

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Today, the better patient care a clinician provides the more time it takes. And time is money. Vitalyze has created a platform that both saves time and allows clinicians to provide highly personalized care using the best practices from Traditional, Holistic, and Functional medicine.

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“I was interested in learning more about a holistic approach to my health and wellness but I didn’t know where to start. My VitalyzeCare Clinician provided me a personalized approach to my health and created a plan of prevention that worked for me. The best part was that he explained everything to me as it applies to me – down to my genetics. I’m now the healthiest I’ve ever been.”

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about-icon1MORE THAN 30,000

articles analyzed and incorporated

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lines of code and five years in the making

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North and South America and partners in development

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most comprehensive collection of wellness data

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Revitalyze Your Practice

“I believe in bringing the best of Western Medicine together with a broad array of other approaches to healing. This allows individuals to access a truly personalized approach to healthcare that fits their own beliefs and priorities. Nutritional, herbal and supplement approaches to common problems such as diabetes and weight loss can empower patients to take charge of their lives and to achieve higher levels of health and fitness.”


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Physicians and clinicians aim to provide stellar personalized care while efficiently and effectively running a practice. Vitalyze is focused on helping you achieve your goals while also keeping your dedication to your patient’s care a priority. See how you can be involved in our vision of Empowering Healthier Lives today!

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Access to best Biomarker and Genetic testing

We want to provide you with the best use of your time by maximizing your ability to efficiently advise your patients. The Vitalyze platform genetic test results are highlighted with specific details and recommendations on how a specific patient’s genetic and nutrigenomic results impact their current or prospective medication list and diet. We take the time-consuming guesswork out of the equation and provide you with the most comprehensive analyses of tests so you can put your patient first.

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Accurate and quick identification of risk factors for 50 diseases

The Vitalyze platforms make data that could take hours or days to interpret and discuss into an easy conversation that’s highly personalized for your patient. When using the Vitalyze platform, clinicians have immediate access to how their patient’s behaviors contribute to both the risk and prevention of over 50 different diseases. The platform’s “What-If” capability allows you to show your patients how their behaviors impact their risks, in real time.

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Best practices of traditional, functional, and integrative medicine

Vitalyze recognizes that medicine is constantly evolving and that a clinician shouldn’t have to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of medicine. We translate all the best practices of Functional, Integrative, and Traditional medicine and compare these best practices when analyzing your patient’s data so you can be assured your patients are getting a complete look at their health and wellness.

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Join the wellness movement

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You’ll receive personalized risk assessments and predictions; actionable data and guides; testing for blood and genetics; access to world class content about what to do; and stay connected to a medical provider for your continued health and wellness.

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