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Get YOUR health and wellness score now. Start by simply answering a series of questions about your current medical state and previous medical history. Instantly get your preliminary vscore with possible paths to improve your score. Add your wearable or personal health app data to expand the depth and breadth of your score. Want the complete value and power of the vscore?


The process begins with you completing a survey of your current habits, environment, and medical history. The system will provide you a preliminary score along with areas where you could benefit from further investigation and discussion.

By visiting with your own medical professional or one of our VitalyzeCare medical professionals you can further complete your personalized score by having your blood and genetics testing done completed. Your profile can be even further enhanced by easily linking your wearable device data via the Score portal

The final automatic step in the process is for the Vitalyze Engine to process all of your personal data against the comprehensive medical database, which includes best medical practices. The engine applies our proprietary algorithms to create your Vscore™. Your complete picture of your health and wellness will be at your fingertips.


“I have linked all of my Fitbit data and my health and fitness regimens from MyFitnessPal to the Vscore portal. The Vitalyze health tips included personalized weight loss programs and healthy diet advice and now my diabetes is under the most control it’s ever been.”

R.G. Kingman, AZ

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